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As is with so many other things with me...there is no in beween.

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Most of the time it's one embarrassingly fast, and then they respond right away, but then I don't text back until three hours later.


These "teenager posts" just be renamed to "relatable posts" cause I'm well over teenager but I relate to pretty much every one.

Yes! << ohmygod i thought I was the only one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All the time :) works really well on teacher parents Davis

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My life story with some people.

Right? ;)

me too so true relatable post teenager post. I'm not a morning person

YESSS!! Once there was a bug in my room and I didn’t get any sleep

"The only thing worse than having a spider in your room. Is losing a spider in your room!" :: Lc- they're always easy to find though. Just look under your pillow.


Sad face :( That sad sad sad moment when check the price tag and slowly walk away.

That dirty look you give the sidewalk when you turn around after tripping over it

In my defense a sidewalk broke my teeth. So sidewalks def. deserve dirty looks.

#LOLso true

Every single night !


Periods are ridiculous. I shouldn't be punished for not being pregnant.

Who hasn't done this?  lol

The first time I rapped all of Lose Yourself by Eminem. That awesome feeling of how gangster you are the first time you rap your favorite part of a song without screwing up.

I can totally relate! When I tried on capris pants for the first time, I remember thinking, "Finally, a pair of pants I won't have to get hemmed!" And then, I looked over at the mannequin and saw how they're supposed to fit. They looked like flood pants on me. Dang...really burst my bubble!

Tall people problems : when your capris really should be considered shorts. LOL, so true!


Relatable Post There's no logical reason for shorts to be the same price as pants !


My brother told me aliens and monsters lived under the bed.then the next morning I stuck my led off and hit the dog's leg and thought it was a monster's leg.from then on i would crawl to the end of the bed and take a flying leap out of my room :D

so relatable -- I can remember we brought up Bill Clinton my sophomore year in French class, and we literally spent the WHOLE period talking about how a bad president affects our personal lives.  It was hilarious.

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So unbelievably true!

There is no "I" in "team, but apparent there is one hidden somewhere in "group project". This is why I always hated group projects in school! so funny