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Yeah Stop randomly popping shit up in there...Thanks Buddy!!

I thought this picture was funny because it can be hard to fall asleep when your brain is racing. This can happen if you watch TV or play on your phone right before bed.

Manipulation from a crazy scitzophrenic can fuck with a guys mind so forgiveness is the best route

You can't fault the enemy for staying true to it's role. At least you know you can depend on the enemy to attack you. The fake friend.there is no worse enemy.

100% truth.

Dont lie to the ones you love. All these can be ruined by lies. All trust will be lost with a single lie. Own up to the truth and work it out. Thats what makes relationships real, strong, and last.


“Just because I am not talking doesn’t mean I’m in a bad mood. Sometimes, I just like being quiet.

It's not on purpose, I just happen to have expensive taste!!

Checking my bank account after a fun weekend is a BAD idea (18 photos)


If u truly tell him u don't care and it's no big deal he will never do it. Mike has to be told. I told u I like u and I mean it. But if u don't tell say anything he don't care.

A succinct truth ~ rumors are carried by haters spread by fools & acceptaed by idiots ~