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Snow white disney and starwars art all in one

My, you are all a little short for Stormtroopers! Ceth Stifel (aka on DeviantART) has compiled a wicked calendar of Star Wars-Disney mashups that

Disney Star Wars - Stormtrooper Lightyear

About the Disney & Star Wars Mashup art of Deviant Artist Bruno Sousa which features a Stormtrooper Buzz Lightyear and other interesting crossovers.

sith-disney-princesses. so much nerd girl joy

Disney/Star Wars - This kind of reminded me of the comic art of Witchblade, but it's Snow White. (Witchblade publishers were kind enough to let me use their art work on the cover of my chapbook, Female Comic Book Superheroes.

Star Wars as Disney

Star Wars as Disney

As much as I'm sure these Disney/Star Wars crossovers may be getting old, I still find them fun. I've always loved me some crossover, be it in the form of visual art or written fiction.

This makes me very happy

10 Illustrations Of Disney Characters Sneaking Into Star Wars

Timon and Pumba make a rare Lion King – Star Wars crossover work, dressing up as and NEAT!