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Brava 2015

Brava 2015

I can do a lot of things, but taping a straight line is NOT one of them.   Behold, my son’s stripes – not straight and not even close to even: I did a LITTLE better on my daughter’s, but they are not exactly even, either. My dilemma is that I really, really want to do

Why I Must Learn To Tape a Straight Line (Painted Stripes Make Such an Impact

BOISERIE & C.: Viola - Purple

BOISERIE & C.: Viola - Purple


Alexia Gnecchi Ruscone and Family

Alexia Gnecchi Ruscone and Family - The Design Files

Billedresultat for dunham massey interior servants

PH 5, Armygrøn

PH 5 in new colours – Louis Poulsen. contemporary – a new and exciting color concepts. Times change and so does the color trends. Light has become an important part of interior design and trends reflected increasingly in the lighting.

Portrait of a room

A gallery wall doesn't have to include a gazillion pieces — as proven by this high-impact arrangement of just three beautiful portraits.

Vintage portraits

Vintage Inspiration: Painted Portraits

gold on my shoulders

Ugh--what an amazing table: rustic wood with a shiny silver pendant fixture.

Overscale Hand-Antiqued Mirror Tutorial....or how to antique any mirror.  This would be a great project as a focal wall (headboard) in a small bedroom to give the illusion of space and to reflect natural light, making a smal room feel bigger.  You can adhere the mirror tiles to the wall and trim with molding (or simply mirror the whole wall), or create it the size you want it and trim it out.

Salvage Savvy: Overscale Hand-Antiqued Mirror I have the mirror. Just need to antique it and hang it on my big empty wall.

A close friend of mine went to London over the holidays.  On her way home, she sent me a text from the airport urging me to check out Ro...

The grand first-floor drawing room of a London home designed by Rose Uniacke features contemporary twists on classic design.