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ouderwets servies - Google zoeken

ouderwets servies - Google zoeken

My First Sony

Eighties Flashback: The Best Toys of the Decade

Had one just like this one!!

Stereo Component System from early had an 8 track player.

Loved these guys

Sesame Street Super Grover T-Shirt

" This shirt features the Yip Yips who are popular characters on the television show Sesame Street.

Goma de mascar interminable con sabor a fresa

Pin for Later: 11 Reasons It Was Sweet to Be a Kid Bubble Tape Sorry Washi Tape, you weren't the first novelty tape to take the US by storm; Hubba Bubba Bubble Tape's got you beat.

I have one my granddaughters play with

Fisher Price Melody Push Chime - my oldest son on his first birthday started walking with this.

Telefoonkostenteller. Hing in de studentenflat waar we met z'n 10-en met 1 telefoon deden.

Hing in de studentenflat waar we met z'n met