fairy tree

Fairy gardens and a literal tree house

Ok this is amazing! An actual tree stump house! Who wouldn't want this as a secret den at the bottom of the garden! I would make it some kind of outdoor library/studio space. me and zack are finally living the hobbit dream!

fairy house awesomeness

Doors in trees. apparently I have a thing for doors in trees.


Tree houses for the urbaan people! Photographer Erwan Frichou "worked with gardeners to create interesting shapes and invited people in the street to climb those peculiar topiary trees"

Winterthur Enchanted Woods, DelawareHours Museum and Garden Tuesday–Sunday, 10:00 am–5:00 pm Last tour tickets sold at 3:15 pm. Last tour is at 3:30 pm. Closed Mondays (except during Yuletide), Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day Library Monday–Friday, 8:30 am–4:30 pm Closed holiday Mondays Winterthur 5105 Kennett Pike (Route 52) Winterthur, DE 19735

A respite in the forest! A place for a Chicago garden fairy - Winterthur’s Enchanted Woods, Delaware

how to make garden decorations

"Elf door on tree.use popsicle sticks and old jewelry" nuh uh that ain't an elf door geez its a fairy door get it right peoples


fairy garden, tree trunk house what fun it would be to do to a real tree in your backyard. Find a dead tree trunk and make it a feature

While I'm guessing this isn't actually a #geocache, it would be a fun way to make a hide in the knothole of a tree stand out from all the other tree hides.

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