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TRADE -- your type of blue by lovelyskylark on DeviantArt

equine horse community board

equine horse community board

How To Draw Unguligrade Bipeds (IE: Hoofed People) by ~The13thBlackCat on deviantART

Edit How To Draw Unguligrade Bipeds: Advanced Course /Edit One of my biggest peeves in fantasy art is seeing perfectly good--amazing, even! How To Draw Unguligrade Bipeds (IE: Hoofed People)

Pegasus:era el caballo de los cielos, tenia alas y podian volar, pertenece a la mitología griega y romana, a parte era el caballo de Hércules y le usaba para pasear, para ir a las batallas y demas cosas.

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Unicorn - a gallery of magical Unicorn and Pegasus artwork by various artists. This collection of Pegasus and Unicorn images is truly enchanting.

Elven horse 2 by Anwaraidd on deviantART

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Horse snuggling nuzzling face to face with little girl that has flowers in her hair and a pink dress. Lovely pink flowering trees in the background make the dark horse even more beautiful.