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Dalmatian Dog Camouflaged On Pebble Beech Elevated View Stock Photo 200498201-001

Dalmatian Dog Camouflaged On Pebble Beech Elevated View Stock Photo

This gorgeous Dalmation has a heart on his nose! He reminds me of poor Jojo.

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dalmatians and horses | ... horse showing that special relationship between Dalmatians and horses

Heartland Dalmatian Club of Greater Kansas City. This is the official website of the Heartland Dalmatian Club of Greater Kanasas City.

Life Is Hard; Here Are Some Pictures of Dalmatian Puppies to Help You Through - Dogster Repin & Like. Thank you . Listen to Noel songs. Noelito Flow.                                                                                                                                                     More

I absolutely love Dalmatians and would love to have one! And to be honest, if I ever had a male and female dalmatian, I would name them Pongo and Pereira!

Pitbull(Staffordshire Terrier) is on this list... Which is a no brainer to me, but may shock some.

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This pup loves BUBBLES! Kids love bubbles, too! So much fun for both to run around and play with bubbles.

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Dalmatian i love it! siempre he tenido dálamtas en mi casita y muchos otros perritos también :D

Dalmation dogs are sometimes just called the black and white spotted dog. The distinctive black and white spots of the dalmation are unique to this breed: no other purebreed dog has the distinctive Dalmation spots.