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A plane explodes after hitting the second tower of the World Trade Center as the other tower burns in New York September 2001 with the Brooklyn bridge in the foreground. Both towers of the complex collapsed after hijacked planes hit them.

Dark day today.

this was were a series of four coordinated terrorist attacks launched by the Islamic terrorist group al-Qaeda upon the United States in New York City and the Washington, D. metropolitan area on Tuesday, September pictures of 911

A steam pipe explodes, New Yorkers leave their shoes behind in the panic - Ground Zero - 9/11

A steam pipe explodes in New Yorkers leave their shoes behind in the panic Ground Zero

A cop who developed #fibromyalgia, #asthma, and chronic fatigue syndrome after being exposed to hazardous pollutants working at Ground Zero won her legal battle to receive an enhanced disability pension. Learn more here: http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/retired-enhanced-pension-working-9-11-site-article-1.2119378 #mecfs #SEID

Retired cop to get enhanced pension after working 9/11 site

Retired cop who developed fibromyalgia after working at Ground Zero won a five-year legal battle Tuesday for an enhanced disability pension.