kippery: “ Valora and the Victories - introducing Vicky, Valora and Victoria or something ahah I just wanted to do some character designs nananana :B ” Kippery is amazing!

1947 Set of Hoods Acc40-4054

1947 Set of Hoods Acc40-4054

1947 Set of Hoods digitally-drafted pattern originally by Butterick, 'Set of Hoods in Four Styles, originally by Butterick: ‘(A) This hood has a contrast lining that turns back an

pastel-goth-princess:  Art by Kippery  Wooooow saw this on my...

Miles and Valora by Stephanie Pepper Forsén Forsén Forsén Albatross and Lawrence Ghini perez Rabbit

Dungeon Inspiration

What happens to most people who attempt to summon a water nymph. Gilly is trapped until Ebba and her horse tromp through and scare off the nymphs.