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A collection of book covers by Italian designer Mario Degrada

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"Jeden stamtąd" Tadeusz Hołuj Cover by Aleksander Stefanowski Published by Wydawnictwo Iskry 1966

"Jeden stamtąd" Tadeusz Hołuj Cover by Aleksander Stefanowski Published by…

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Experiments: Lovely grid and palette!


'Zielony promień', translated by Maria Mongirdowa, cover by Janusz Stanny

Czechoslovakian book cover, 1960, Karel Čapek, Jak se co dělá - O lidech

Czechoslovakian book cover, Karel Čapek, Jak se co dělá - O lidech

#minimalist, design by David Drummond

Wet Apples, White Blood Author: Naomi Guttman Publisher: McGill-Queen's University Press Publication Date: March 2007 Designer: David Drummond Typeface: Baskerville

25 Book Covers by Janusz Stanny - 50 Watts

alfiusdebux: Cover by Janusz Stanny, 1961


Mario Dagrada, cover design for Sarah Lidman, With Five Diamonds, Rizzoli, Italy. Via aiap.

Inspirational, for ongoing graphic designing...

Inspirational, for ongoing graphic designing.

Global Geography – vintage book cover

Global Geography – vintage book cover

H τρομερή γραφιστική παράδοση που άφησε η Δημοκρατία της Βαϊμάρης | LiFO

Things that make me go ooh

Optical illusions bend your mind

old psychology book cover

karel teige

"ZLOM", Nove Vydāni, by Konsantin Biebl, 'Odeon Editions' [Zlomený sbrom], Size: 198 x 140 mm. - Book Cover Graphic Design by Karel Teige (b. 1900 - d.

(via Minimalist Book Cover: Moby Dick | Seriously Bleak)  These amazing minimalist book covers were created by the Bookish.com Lead Visual Designer Anthony Cangelosi. Until you have more information, you should probably just assume that everything we do will be this awesome.

Minimalist with title top center in a clean narrow font (via Minimalist Book Cover: Moby Dick