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Chanyeol Brazil on

Suho brings EXO-L to tears with his winning speech on 'Music Bank' referencing recent events


[Vyrl] Baek_mongmong_exo : Inkigayo x EXO❤️💛💚💙💜

EXO fans create the XOXO Movement to fight against sasaeng fans. http://kpoprookies.com/exo-fans-create-the-xoxo-movement-to-fight-against-sasaeng-fans/ #EXO #XOXO #XOXOMovement #kpop #sasaeng

EXO fandoms create the XOXO Movement to fight against Sasaeng fans

EXO-L staff diary update "Seoul music awards 4 year consecutive winner of DAESANG because we are with EXO-L we were able to make another history as EXO , THANK YOU EXO-L ❤ " (trans: exoglobal )

EXO siêu năng lực

-happy anniversary to these crazy, weird, and beautiful kids that we love! thank you to exo and exo-l's for another wonderful year!

OT12 Happy 100 Days EXO

I love you all. All 12 of you ❤️ ik Luhan, Tao and Kris mightn't be in the band still but I still love and support you all. Wether that be as a group or soloists I love you all.