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Mummy Direction.(A One Direction Fan Fiction.)EDITING.:NOT EDITED=Chapter Six: Bullies. - *COMPLETED*   Who knew this gir...

Mummy Direction.(A One Direction Fan Fiction.)EDITING. - NOT EDITED=Chapter Eight: Angel.

Should not have clicked this one. <<< nOPE<<<<<<<< aBSOLUTELY NOT<<< I saw those and stl clicked on it.

GIF-One Direction I love how they don't even care that louis fell<<<< they did care, they were stopping the video

Day Favorite one direction gif-------Lol LOUIS! You need to watch this 5 time so you can look at all of them lol

Okay, so it's pretty much known that Mr. Louis Tomlinson is the sassiest member of 1D.

One direction (gif) Hahaha, Liam and Louis just being stupid, Harry just being a cupcake, Zayn being Zayn, and then Nialler. I love our boys

Awwww  Niam! How cute:)

NIAM GIF >>>> Oh my gosh, this is so beautiful *swipes at tears*

⚠️WARNING⚠️ If you pin this PLS follow back or I'll might just click that block button. Pinterest: headphonesshawn

(gif)-first there's Niall being absolutely adorable as always,then there's Harry.Picking "lice" out of Niall's hair.

GIF. I jjust love how Harry does everything so perfectly while singing with that cute little smile.

possibly one of my favorite gifs of all time.<<<<< its the dance from Talk Dirty!