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Nick threatening Judy

"What, you think I might go savage you think I might, eat you!" Judy jumps back grabbing the fox repellent "I knew it, And just when I thought someone actually believed in me" One of the 3 scenes in this movie that broke my feels.

Zootopia Strip #2 - Cadet Wilde by RobertFiddler.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

But I guess, you have seen the movie already If you are looking at fanarts for it Another short Zootopia practice. I have seen other fanart picturing Nick struggling on the trai.

Everything changed... When the Fire Nation attacked

Everything changed when I met you♥️ ugh why are they not a couple Disney make it Canon!

Zootopia Screenshot

Here is a cropped shot of Nick Wilde from Zootopia. I just like this expression on Nick with his paws up.

This woman is my destiny by FourDirtyPaws

This woman is my destiny by FourDirtyPaws, Walk the Moon confirmed on 2 soundtrack?

Meeting his past self

Nick meets himself from the early versions of Zootopia. This is a masterpiece.