Dictionary art.

Alice in wonderland Alice in Prrintland Looking for a pink butterfly - Alice in Wonderland Collage Print on Vintage Dictionary Book art. Lots of Alice In Wonderland Prints

brilliant maddness (via rightside)

Tim Burton + Johnny Depp = I'm one happy lady I enjoyed the story line and the overall movie, but i loved Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter, all the costumes, makeup and sets the most. Tim Burton is brilliant.

come with me to the sea of love

Rose printed on vintage dictionary page. It's really popular at the moment to create art on vintage book pages. We think some folk it designs would look beautiful on this type of paper for something a bit different!

Mushrooms Dictionary Art Print #Art-Print #Dictionary-Art #dictionary-art-print

Mushrooms Dictionary Art Print

This print features an old vintage engraving of an Agaricus campestris or meadow mushroom, also called a field mushroom.

Dishfunctional Designs: Bookish: Upcycled & Repurposed Books and Pages

Turn and old book into book crafts. Make a book page wreath, book art, book box, or just repurpose--these book craft ideas will inspire (and teach) you.


Oh I am chomping at the bit now to start mixed media projects on old book pages! -- Mixed Media Drawing on Distressed, Dictionary Page - flying shoes art studio

page from a book-- painted white, except for the tree trunk-- painted leaves and owls on top of that

Altered book page ~ such a fun way to do a family tree! ~ by Annette Mangseth

Dictionary Art Print Book Page Butterfly 8 x 10 Upcycle Wall Art Vintage Dictionary. $8.00, via Etsy.

BOGO SALE Butterfly Art Butterfly Print Dictionary Art Dictionary Print Upcycle Wall Art Butterfly 8 x 10 Vintage Dictionary Book Page Print