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Colorful background with music notes royalty-free stock vector art

Colorful background with music notes

THIS IS MY HONEY by on @deviantART

The racing strips bring a texture to the animals that gives them a stealth feel lion leaopard aardvark humming bird bee digital art design photoshop painting animals


Inspiração: fotos de aniversário

A roll in the hay can be a good time, but there's more to sexual health than just getting it on. Here's what you need to know about safer sex.

The Ultimate Guide to Safer Sex [Infographic]

The Ultimate Guide to Safer Sex - another fantastic infographic! Though I am surprised that the IUD is not listed as a birth control option. It is the MOST effective form of birth control besides abstinence. I highly recommend it.


Van, Laughter, Everything, Rice

Dit overkomt je als je met je beste soulmate bent Just priceless

That moment when you're laughing so hard there's no sound, so you're sitting there clapping like a retarded seal

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