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First graders created self-portraits using clay slabs. Allow two 40-minutes sessions plus drying time.

First graders created self-portraits using clay slabs. Allow two sessions plus drying time.

So, you have liquid polymer clay. Now what ? | Polyclay Corner

So, you have liquid polymer clay. Now what ?

Liquid polymer clay is more than just a bonding agent for 2 pieces of baked polymer clay or attaching finding. It can be used to do image transfers like I did on this candle screen. I tied for …

hieroglyphic stone tablets to do with kids

Egyptian Hieroglyphic Stone craft: Use this hieroglyphic writing craft for your unit on ancient Egypt. Children will make their own stone tablet using self-hardening dough or clay and carve out hieroglyphs onto it.

Maybe make something similar with snowflakes and antique it?

create template by wrapping stiff material round the glass & trim to size. Building it over the original glass helps to hold the structure. Baby powder instead of non-stick liquid to help the clay slide off. Add a bottom!

Este amigos jardín listado es para persona de una olla. Por favor especifique niño o niña en retirada y un nombre, color de ojos o cualquier cosa que nosotros podemos personalizar para usted!!!! Usted puede elegir que colores quieres que tu niño o niña a ser. Tenemos buhos, mariposas, flores para niñas y serpientes, ranas, lagartijas para niños. Siempre podemos añadir algunos paja pelo trenzas o colas de caballo también.  Toda nuestra gente está meticulosamente la mano pintado y sellado…

Boy Self Portrait, Girl Self Portrait, Clay Flower Pots, Garden Pot People Planter, Brother, Sister, Pot Person, Flower Pot People

Boy or Girl Son or Daughter Planter Brother Sister Pottery Pot Person People Garden Friend self portrait

http://www.lynsi-pasutti.com/news-1/2009/fall/     Testing, testing 1,2,41  is the title.  Made from handmade clay stamps!

Tea bag plates - Turtle Star Studio: handmade slab pottery by Lynsi Pasutti