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Oh Bassy

I took three quizzes; one for Alois, one for Ciel, and one for Sebby. Alois and Ciel liked me, but Sebby. QUESTION, how?

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d9dcd07972881ae7f8256fff34442492.jpg 300 × 2.822 pixels

Yeap that's me

I could care less about myself and I'll just hold it close to myself till I'm alone. But it's an entirely different story with my friends. Let's just say there would be one less person walking away from that conversation

Sebastian x Grell's FREE! Love Child:

Sebastian x Grell's love child. T-hee! So that's what happened when Ciel promised Grell a full day with Sebastian 😎

Oh Grell... Always the gender confused one

Oh Grell. Always the gender confused one--> he's actually bisexual remember Madame Red?