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Going to convert my veggie beds to keyhole beds like this next year. More space efficient.

keyhole garden in action

keyhole garden in action

A #Keyhole Garden is a great way to garden in a small space with ...

A Garden is a great way to garden in a small space with minimal watering and a compost right in the center to feed your plants.

key hole gardening

Keyhole garden ideas from around the world. You can reach everything, so no compaction of soil. Plus you can get a lot more veggies in a small area. (Don't forget about companion planting)!

Keyhole garden in Texas by Deb Tolman. "If all the layering guidelines have been followed, watering is at a minimum, evaporation is at a minimum, all plants look nutrient fed, and productivity is high." Deb Tolman.  www.facebook.com/keyholegardens

Learn more about keyhole gardening, which combines a raised bed and compost center to easily grow veggies in otherwise dry and arid regions.

keyhole garden layout (3)

Keyhole Garden Tutorial -

Combine a compost and garden bed into one with this small space garden method, the Keyhole Garden Bed.

Keyhole gardens introduce a new method of compost creation to allow gardeners in arid regions to grow their own fresh fruits and veggies.

The compost created by keyhole gardens is so rich and fertile that the gardener may end up being able to produce more than half his or her food supply from it, thus greatly reducing grocery bills.