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The ONLY wall I'm interested in!  NOT MY PRESIDENT!

"Build a Wall" John Cole Cartoons

Top 16 Mind Blown Images Of Celebrities

Do NOT flip your phone upside down while reading this post. Yes I've warned you. // I thought they were all normal photos until I flipped my phone upside down.

mr and mrs potato head discussing dirty diaper, mr potato head solution is to remove your nose

Jello - Brainless Tales

Brainless Tales is weird daily art masquerading as a daily web comic.

We are the knights that say nih

Gross…yet true.

Remember when Nancy Pelosi said "We need to pass it to see what's in it"? That is the definition of a stool sample.

Fail Picdump 298 | Epic Fail, Fail Bilder und Fail Videos - Fail.to

Amazing site with shocking pics ,funny pictures, epic fails, lol videos and pics!

Political Cartoons - Political Humor, Jokes and Pictures ...

Political Cartoons by Jerry Holbert



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Laughter Is The Best Medicine I thought the way the arrows was going it look like the way my boobs hang anymore lol ! Life is good.

Between Us And China

This little bastard thinks that we're going to pay him like President Obama did to Iran. Trump isn't giving you million dollars" like our previous president! You better sit down and shut up!

Clever Mark

Clever Mark

Sometimes dutch commercials can be funny

North Korea

North Korea

No, if you’re feeling useless, just remember you didn’t get cast as “grass”: | 24 Reasons You Should Never Feel Useless Ever Again

24 Reasons You Should Never Feel Useless Ever Again

This makes me so happy and so sad for poor little grass boy