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Self-Portrait Inspired by Chuck Close: much easier colored pencil version of what I already do with 8th graders...might be a good confidence builder! Color/shape/line

Materials: - x Paper - Colored Pencils - Pencils - Student Photographs - Rulers - Sharpies - Chuck Close References

Cool way to teach facial proportions.

Art Projects for Kids: Self Portrait Line Drawing Plus Watercolor -premix skin tones in liquid water colors. Double line drawings with sharpie.

Estil Roy Lichtenstein

Roy Lichtenstein inspired portraits for intro class. Contour Line self portrait + Could use top of pencil eraser to make dots.

Contour portrait - cut magazine squares to add texture.  Paint over in different colors.

Contour Portrait on Relevant Collaged Surface-Use any portrait and create a contour drawing/painting on a collaged surface. The surface elements/images must be relevant to the person you are creating a portrait of.

Art projects for elementary school inspired by Pablo Picasso. Check out these fabulous 10 Pablo Picasso Projects for Kids. Quick and easy art lessons .

Top 10 Pablo Picasso Projects for Kids