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BP2016 Bryan Schutmaat 2

BP2016 Bryan Schutmaat 2

The conclusion of a period of massive societal shift in Japan.

Quiet portraits amid one of Japan's biggest eras of change

A young woman in a garden by Felice Beato, 1865 © : Galerie Verdeau, Paris/The London Photograph Fair

Stunning vintage photographs depict daily life in 19th century Japan

In Japan, the color red has varied meanings, depending on its shade. On the country’s flag, a bold, red circle depicts the vivacity of the sun; on clothing and makeup worn by women beginning in the He.

Ginza, Tokyo, Geisha walking, 1936.bg  Photo by Hiroshi Hamaya (濱谷浩) - How wonderful to be able to view something before my birth...

Ginza, Tokyo, women walking, 1936 photo by Hiroshi Hamaya (濱谷浩). Not every woman in a kimono is geisha, then or now.

Eastern Front In The Lens Of The Invader  Part 1  Page 2 of 2  Best of Web Shrine

Check out these very rare photographs from the Eastern Front taken by German soldier, Franz Grёsser.

Two government collaorators executed by Mujahadeen near Jalalabad - Afghan Mujahideen During The 19791980 18  Best of Web Shrine

History of the photographer Steve McCurry. McCurry winner photos of Robert Capa Gold Medal. - Afghan resistance to Russian invasion)