Could You Be a Professional Ballet Dancer?

Could You Be a Professional Ballet Dancer?

So many young dancers want to become professionals, but only a few make it.

this is seriously me every monday! all the girls in that class have been dancing longer and are better than me! ahhhh

Really cate? You said kortney. NU everyone else is talking about you btw :P

so true

Without dance, i would be mentally dead. I would have a hole in my life i would never be able to fill. I cannot live without dance. I dance to escape lies i have been told and told myself. I dance to escape worries. I dance so i can live.

Have you seen City.Ballet, the online documentary series about New York City…

New York City Ballet documentary

ROTFL! Yes, some days it really feels that way!

For reals thoughMy grand jete has DEFINITELY improved but this happens every once in a while

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FYI for all you football players out there what we dancers do it just as hard as what you do. Oh and when you say dance isnt a sport thats true because its so unique and diffrent it has its own little thing.

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I got: Arabesque! An arabesque is a simple position but take lots of effort and thought to look beautiful, but, a great dancer can do it and make it look effortless. Which Ballet Step Are You?

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Dance is the hidden language of the soul ~Martha Graham~ she makes it look so easy. That is the goal!