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You don't know who did this, but they are the best friend you didn't know you had. XD

PART 78 (two homestuck posts in this one too, just for the person annoyed last time. enjoy)

Post with 6474 votes and 80910 views. Shared by ActualRaccoonBuckyBarnes. PART 78 (two homestuck posts in this one too, just for the person annoyed last time.

I realized the Neville and his robes thing right away when I watched the movie

What impresses me the most is Post "Voldemort is the villain we never hope to face. Umbridge is the villain we face every day." <- Absolutely right!

I can so see this happening.

Snape was only a hero because of his love for Lily. Regulus made the choice to be a hero on his own with no incentive. Regulus is the true hero of Slytherin.

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Harry, this is why no one believes you when you make accusations. However, he was right when Draco was trying to kill Dumbledore, but no one believed him to to past accusations.<<< boy who cried wolf

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Muggleborns bringing their board games to Hogwarts. I am a Hufflepuff and I love Cards Against Humanity so I can safely assume that this is totally a thing.

I love subtle AVPM references more than anything in the world!<<< I FIND this amusing *insert Cedric Diggory face here*

Voldemort’s Assistant Kevin

'Voldemort's Assistant, Kevin' by Anna-Maria Jung and Andrew Bridgman. Ohh poor Kevin :( So undervalued by MrDramaticDarkLord

God bless Daniel Radcliffe.

Daniel Radcliffe is the male Jennifer Lawrence<-- but Harry was famous first so wouldn't Jlaw be the girl HP?<< This man is amazing

James as a dad

James & Lily's Howlers omg I'm crying this is so sad! Then again they wouldn't have crashed the car because he wouldn't be the chosen one and he would've had a normal Wizard childhood