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Hux has not had the opportunity to be out for quite some time. With the battle plan finalised and Kylo getting married, he never got to have any time for himself. He stood on a large rock, admiring the view without even taking out a cigarette.

one of the girls is out gathering sticks for a bonfire when she sees him, swimming in the ocean.

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He often stared into the void where she should have died, the place that should have been but somehow never was. The portal was closed, the foreign sickness that had spread through his world and the same vice versa on her side, kept people far away from the shore. But the fear that kept most away never stopped him from coming back, staring at the spot where he had carried her too, never knowing that on the other side, she did the same. -JK

The sirens." He used to think she was special, for she could hear the sirens' song.

Surreal Melancholic Photographs by Gabriel Isak – Fubiz Media

Surreal Melancholic Photographs by Gabriel Isak

Gabriel Isak is a talented Swedish photographer and artist who was born in Huskvarna and currently lives and works in San Francisco.

I don't know why but I really like this picture

"Don't, Cas, that's weird" // an unknowing Dean walking home after refusing a ride with Meg, taken by Cas