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Supernatural Minion Wallpaper by ~BobbysIdjit on deviantART - Sam and Dean Winchester as Minions


Supernatural fans, good in a crisis; unless it's a crying man or the death of Winchester. Dean, Sam, and Cas didn't teach us how to deal with that one

It takes death breathing in his neck,  knowing the Sands almost run out of the hour glass to tell Dream he's a good person.

Supernatural - Dean & his dad, John.breaks my heart. this scene still makes me cry :(<<< I especially like the fact that john is actually possessed by azazel in this scene and the only reason dean knew was because he was to nice to be his dad.


Funny pictures about There's no reasonable explanation. Oh, and cool pics about There's no reasonable explanation. Also, There's no reasonable explanation.

Carry On Wayward Son - Supernatural Cover - I will admit, I teared up when they sang this. And then I started laughing uncontrollably when they brought up Adam.

Carry On Wayward Son - Supernatural Cover - I love that they did this. It made me tear up. They know just how much this song means to us fans.

Supernatural 13x13 - Devil’s Bargain

Supernatural 13x13 - Devil’s Bargain

Bobby's cap, Cas's trench coat, Impala's license plate, and the picture of Sam…