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Vintage American Tourister Luggage Suitcases In Green

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PRELL Shampoo 1960s: the "pearl" at the bottom of their bottle of shampoo just like the awesome dinner plates that came in a box of laundry detergent contrast the striking difference in the excellence of those days and the mediocrity of today.

Prell Shampoo- Remember the pearl?in their commercial they would sink a pearl in the shampoo .

Baby cribs

Crib with decal. I managed to somehow survive this unsafe crib as did my kids! Oh gosh , this looks just like the baby bed I slept in , i remember climbing out of it to get in the bed with mama and daddy

More Musings of a 70s/80s Cosmetics Girl | Surly Girl

Yarn Ponytail Ties I wore these in my pigtails all the time until I got the brilliant idea to get my hair cut into a shag. My hair wasn't long again for yrs!

Wearing "his" class ring...

Remember doing this.wrap your boyfriends class ring with string so it would fit your finger? Or else made a wad of tape, covered with finger nail polish, to fit between the ring and top of finger. (The girls I knew used angora yarn)

lovely mid-century dining set.

Formica tables vinyl chairs my mother loved this color. I remember this table from an old restaurant. I still can't paint anything in my house green I think it traumatized me LOL

Barbie clothes....remember how it felt to open your Barbie case?

Vintage Barbie Case and Clothes Recognize that dress anywhere and those plastic hangers. Loved to take out my Barbie & Case full of clothes to play Barbies!

Fishnet stockings in the 1960's, oh yes, we were that cool. by karyn

Fishnet stockings in the - LOL, what I remember is that if you walked very much while wearing these, it made the bottom of my feet hurt.the bottoms were also fishnet, and it wasn't comfortable at all!

Yes in elementary school in the '70's we wore dresses. In hind sight we should have had shorts on under them cause we still played and slid down the slide

I loved my plaid dresses as a kid. I went to a school where all the girls wore dresses to school. We could wear pants under our dresses on gym days and winter days, but we had to take them off once gym class was over or we got to school.