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Bodil Manz  Ceramic porselein

Bodil Manz Ceramic porselein

Coffee cup with a walnut handle crafted by specialized artisans.  Read more at: http://blog.gessato.com/2014/10/03/ceramic-coffee-mug-with-r-shaped-wooden-handle/

Ceramic Coffee Mug with R-Shaped Wooden Handle

Mugr is a simple yet stylish ceramic coffee mug with a wooden handle made by HMM.

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Home Decor Objects Ideas & Inspiration : Beautiful Landscape porcelain bowls by Japanese artist Rie Tsuruta

studio number 19: A few favorites

'Traces' by ceramic artist Shane Kent. Porcelain, glaze, ceramic stain and terra sigillata, 20 x 24 x 24 cm. via Australian Galleries

′함안장흥고′가 새겨진 분청사기 줄 무늬 접시 15 Cent

′함안장흥고′가 새겨진 분청사기 줄 무늬 접시 15 Cent

Korean Celadon Bowl, beautiful pattern. I believe this is from the Goryeo period.

View More Pictures A reproduction of the century tea bowl listed as Korea's National Treasure this celadon porcelain tea bowl e.