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Autumn Leaves - Watercolor paper and cut into triangle then fold to create leaves

DIY paper leaves tutorial , paper flowers paper in half draw diagonal cut along diagonal.use 2 loose triangles to twist into vine open symmetrical triangle and fold leave if folded, twist paper vine or pipecleaner into middle open and tape

"I saw the autumn leaves peel up off the street, take wing on a balmy breeze, and sweep you off your feet."

Can We Guess Your Favorite Thing About Fall?

I love the pictures of falling leaves. Pictures like these make you realize how powerful photograph is with its ability to freeze time and hold a moment suspended in the air forever.

Use a variety of art items for making leaf prints and show kids some of the science as you create!

Leaf Rubbing Art & Science Activity

Ramp up your leaf prints this year with these creative twists and cool materials! These leaf rubbings integrate science, art, and (if you choose) language arts!

Minne-Mama: Fall Leaf Painting

Fall Leaf Painting

Tossing the leaves into the air - love this - would add little rakes so that they could rake the leaves into a pile and then put them on the parachute.

Outdoor fall parachute play in preschool

Para dar la bienvenida al otoño, hoy os proponemos un par de actividades muy divertidas. Ahí va la primera de ellas.  Esperamos que os guste. Y a vuestros pequeños, todavía más ;-)

7 Ways To Turn Your Fall Leaf Collection Into Art

File Folder Games - tons of fun for little ones and easy to store!

Z is 2 years 8 months old Z loves her wooden inset puzzles. You could give her puzzles all day long and she would be happily occupied the.

Totally love these felt leaves for fall decorating...

Cranberry Baked Brie Holiday Appetizer

Little fall leaves sewn from wool or felt. These are actually coasters, but gives me an idea to make them in miniature and turn my tiny kitchen "Christmas" tree into a autumn tree with lights and tiny wool leaves for fall.

Math Centers for Kindergarten - Autumn / Fall. 123 pages. A page from the unit: Sorting by size - small - medium - large - leaves.

Autumn / Fall Math Centers for Kindergarten

Autumn leaf printing: Collect leaves on a nature walk, come home and make leaf prints by dipping them in paint.

Fall leaf crafts :: autumn word tree