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swallow tattoo photo:  handbest.jpg

swallow tattoo photo: handbest.jpg

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Kay Von D. She is so beautiful. Love her tattoos. And love her work. One day, I will get a tattoo from her.


Swallow tattoos were first a classic sailor’s tattoo, representing travel and freedom and the symbol of eternal return. It can also signify homesickness, since in spring the swallow always returns to the place it came from the previous year.

Edgar Allen Poe quote

Edgar Allen Poe quote from the Raven: "I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity." My favorite Poe quote!

Take out music notes and put mom and dad instead. Memorial tattoo idea

Swallow Tattoo, i absolutely love this one ! miight make the musicnotes into the song my mom loved so much, in memory of her

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Tatuagem de renda

I would totally get this, with one smaller rose on each side of the big one to cover up my "agape" tattoo. I realllly want this.!!

i want something like this for a tattoo representing Adelai.

Leo Constellation on shoulder

Leo Constellation on shoulder, again like the sleeve constellation idea I'm entertaining.