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I agree with this. but then i think, belle gave up her dreams of adventure, and ariel gave up her whole world. just for some guy they barely knew but somehow had 'true' love with.

“I honestly don’t get why people think Disney princess movies are misogynistic and a bad influence on children. Tiana was exceptionally independent and worked hard to achieve her aspirations.

"Makes me sad that I don't know a lot of the early ones! Disney is the best!!!"  <--- This statement makes me sad! I feel incredibly old...

Can you name all the Disney Movies?

THANK YOU, whoever made this. #stilllovethesefilms #andthumbelina

Anastasia and The Swan Princess were part of my childhood movie foundation. Quest for Camelot is a more recent but I love it just as much. And poor Princess Eilonwy - I remember you!

Mulan's Grandma is one of my favorite Disney characters!

Sometimes I've got the feeling that Grandma Fa could easily be my favourite Disney character