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The Pigeon Gazette :: 130 | Tapastic Comics - image 3

The Pigeon Gazette :: 130

*internally combusts* Pleh sorry about the wonky updates should be back on track soon

The Pigeon Gazette :: 113

The Pigeon Gazette :: 128 | Tapastic Comics - image 2

The Pigeon Gazette :: 128

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The Pigeon Gazette :: 131

Making America great again

Oh the humanity *face slap*

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Tourist and average joe get a visit by the least qualified person ever lol funny comics

Mondo Mango :: Eye Candy | Tapastic Comics - image 1

This is how I am when I go to the shelter just to "look" lol Mondo Mango :: Eye Candy

Never take drugs

Never take drugs

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comic strips by the very talented Jane Zei called “The Pigeon Gazette” which will light up every ‘socially awkward’ person’s day!

The Pigeon Gazette

The Pigeon Gazette :: 65

The Pigeon Gazette

The happy-saddest comic I’ve ever made.

The Pigeon Gazette :: 174 | Tapas - image 2

The Pigeon Gazette :: 174

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We All Need A Little Bit of Jen-Jen in our Lives!

The Pigeon Gazette :: 124 | Tapas - image 2

The Pigeon Gazette :: 124

Doppelgänger - Camazing (Want more like this? Check them out above! ^0^)

Doppelganger by SnaiLords on DeviantArt

The Pigeon Gazette :: 17 Color Sundays | Tapastic Comics - image 1

The Pigeon Gazette: 17 Color Sundays.