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Bah Humpug: Why Having Two Pugs Is Awesome (I'm sure many fellow Pugteresters can relate!)

bahhumpug: “For anyone considering whether to get a second pug (or other dog), here are a few advantages to having two! (via Bah Humpug: Why Having Two Pugs Is Awesome) ”

got pug? t-shirt

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Bah Humpug: How I Know That My Pugs Love Me

Sometimes it feels like my pugs only think of me as The Feeder, but then there are times when I can tell that they love me for me. In fact, sometimes it feels like they are OBSESSED with me. And I love it. The pug life!


This is my pug, except its a king-size bed with pillow-top mattress.


About 25 years ago I pointed to one in a pet store and said to my wife, "that is the ugliest dog ever".

Velcro Pugs

My velcro pugs are glued to me, whether it’s in the bathroom, exercising, lounging on the couch, or trying to use my computer. (via Bah Humpug: Velcro Pugs)

Bah Humpug: The Many Faces of Pug 2

bahhumpug: “The Many Faces of Pug, Part 2 (via Bah Humpug: The Many Faces of Pug ”

A Pug's Favorite Things, Part II - if you are crazy for pugs, you MUST follow Funaek - she is soooo talented & her pug drawings are spot-on!

A Pug's Favorite Things, Part II. So accurate. So true. So very true.