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I can not run or hide from my past. It doesn't define me as a whole but pieces of it have made me who I am today. You can't love me without respecting the things I have been through.

Self-Acceptance Quote: If you want to love me now, then you have to learn to love my past. Because the struggles I went through yesterday made me who I am today.


It helps if you remember that everyone is doing their best from their level of consciousness ~Deepak Chopra

Simple Text

let it be.let it be. Sometimes in life I have to relearn the same thing over and over before I get it. It's time for me to let it be and move on. Dwelling does nothing but hurt. Time to focus on myself and my family.


I Hear Better in the Dark

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I am seeking

"i am seeking. i am striving. i am in it with all my heart" {vincent van gogh}