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Wholesome hedgehog #memes

Funny pictures about Balloon Hats. Oh, and cool pics about Balloon Hats. Also, Balloon Hats.


Lack of crackers. Crackalackin' (n) - the lack of having crackers in the household. Jen Maury mg HANE. ANY Lack of crackers Crackalackin' (n) - the lack having in household Jen Maury mg HANE ANY

Gambling and bad jokes.

The most awesome images on the Internet

Gambling Addiction - Cyanide & Happiness // I usually loathe this comic but this one is actually really funny to me.probably because I love puns!

Pet Peeve. Sweet Jesus, we finally have the dog's name!

Can’t love all your pets all the time. Especially if you name yours Peeve. Then he’s just your pet Peeve. God he’s annoying. via the cool kids over at Cyanide and Happiness

Bad, Bad, Bad!!! I should not find this as funny as I do!

green eggs & ham # Miss Piggy # Kermit # Sam I Am # Dr.

It's so silly but I loved it

Funny pictures about Tell mama I love her. Oh, and cool pics about Tell mama I love her. Also, Tell mama I love her.

Expression is everything. I freakin love that they put volunteering as tribute in there. XD

Expression is everything…

Found this too funny

I’ve been shot…

Funny pictures about I've been shot. Oh, and cool pics about I've been shot. Also, I've been shot.

Ellen Nails it as Usual

Funny pictures about Ellen speaks the truth. Oh, and cool pics about Ellen speaks the truth. Also, Ellen speaks the truth.