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Oh dear diary, I met a boy. He made my dull heart light up with joy

::Grayson Dolan::"hey I'm Grayson. I'm dating Thalia Bree but in secret because my parents think I should focus on football and school. I'm a football player and soccer player.

E tee wee tee

If I ever meet them I'm gonna run up Grayson and be like "Gray!" And turn around to Ethan and be like "Omg E-tee-wee-tee!

Imagine going out with your bestie and seeing them. I would scream and hug them shortly after I scream

Gray and Ethan xxx For more fallow me!!

Ethan Dolan (white vest) with his brother Grayson Dolan at the H&M Loves Coachella Pop UP in April