♥♥ love on the beach at sunset Two heart shapes on beach with sunset and reflections in the water.

Perfect romantic beach sunset with hearts drawn in the sand. Use natural rope to create the heart shapes instead of drawing them. Rope gives feel

Beautiful Mother Nature — Sunset mother nature moments

Beautiful Mother Nature — Sunset mother nature moments

stormy ocean

love the color combo - tropical, green sea and an angry grey sky.


foto degrade turquesa Meh it's close enough to my favorite color. It's green, but blue at the same time. and I've learned that's apparently called teal. I suppose my favorite color is some shade of teal.

Stunning view

Stunning view

Above the clouds, basically where our heads are most of the day! Side note, talk about a beautiful view from above!

☁ᙖҽąմ৳Ꭵƒմℓ Ꮳℓσմɖ ᖘᎥƈ৳մɽҽʂ☁ ~ Above the clouds

Blue Sparkling Water Photo by: Marinel Galicia

Beautiful sun glistening across the ripples of the clear blue water!

frothy waves

Take me to the beach where the ocean is blue and the sky has fluffy clouds.

I remember watching Dolphins swim as a kid....pretty far out from the shore.

Dolphins on top of a blue ocean wave curl, Photo Credit: US Pacific Fleet