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The INFJ Manual

Aaron Caycedo-Kimura, the illustrator behind INFJoe Cartoons, says he created the series to help other INFJs not feel so alone.

Haha. Yep. My parents wish I had a manual.

This is one of my favorite pins yet. The "stork" definitely forgot to deliver the manual along with me.but, Granny somehow still managed to figure me out.

INFJ draw my functions

infjedi: “ INFJ functions - I can’t help but picture Inferior Se as this nervous, unpredictable, oblivious little thingie ”

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INFJ trait: hahaha, I totally schedule in times to be spontaneous.

Nos sentimos acompañados. Sentimos y no queremos dejar de sentir.

Each of an INTP's three main functions (Ti, Ne, Si) plays a role in the enjoyment of music, and indeed music is a key interest for bringing out the feeling shadow of the INTp

INFJ - so I really did grow up to become Squidward

I don't agree with typing squid ward as an INFJ but the description below his pic is worth the read<<<facts. Squid ward is hella pessimistic. A lot of infj's are very optimistic and always try to help and squid ward is the complete opposite of that.

As an INFJ, you’re sensitive, so you don’t let just anybody into your life. aarontcaycedokimuradoor

24 Cartoons That Introverts (Especially INFJs) Will Relate To

Heaven help you if you lose it, because it's going to be hell trying to get a spare.

Parenting creed #parentingtoddlerssimple

Parenting creed #parentingtoddlerssimple

40 Things Every INFJ Wants You To Know

40 Things Every INFJ Wants You To Know

Weird, but oh so true.

I do stare at things for long periods of time and feel as if I've come to some great insight on life. My search for enlightenment is my way of balancing my hugely empathetic emotional life.