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Yup but its only me trying to take a sexy picture

"They said save the best for last, that's why you popped out of mom first," -Grayson Dolan

I’m laughing so hard omg poor e

I have done this a lot of times, literally every time I have a test

I feel so pressured during test

Literally Me

Literally Me/// I love Ethan

my life

my life in one single meme

Pinterest | Albertosfahy

Lol never noticed this 😂😂

Well I have more than Dolan, I have Dallas, Mendes, Hood, Irwin, Hemmings, Clifford, Grier, Johnson, Gilinsky, Roland, and more ❤️❤️❤️

Aww yes until I meet Grayson and become mrs Grayson Dolan muhahaha, *cough, oops

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Something big I feel it happening out of my control!

I understand, the diss video,  there is actually four

if you don't get this it was from their roast track when Gray said "why does your chin look like a bicycle seat" or something along those lines.



All u fake   there...shut the hell up saying ur a tru BromieOmie

All u fake 🍑 🐕 there.shut the hell up saying ur a tru BromieOmie

♡ @PeruvianGirly20 ♡

i really wish i was the girl. Grayson I can relate

Tomorrow Tuesday and I was having a crappy Monday morning trying to get up for school

dirty dolan twins imagines - ITS DOLAN TWINSDAY

my life in one pitcure😊😍🌎

That's what I'm saying

+wrapping paper, etc // xoxo

#dolantwins #ethandolan #graysondolan #fandom #celebs

They would practically be siblings since their DNA structure would be close to identical

One of my teachers was like "academics are more important than sports. None of you will make it pro *laughs* so stay in school" I was like yoo wtf is your problem I don't wanna go pro or anything but I just thought that was harsh Af #slaywithdolans and I literally never get offended

a meme a day keeps the doctor away