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This fruit lives in Indonesia, India and Sri Lanka, it loves to imitate a star, it feels extremely cuddly when squeezed and.

фрукт манго

Cognizant of its effects and how to deal with it may improve the accuracy and precision of the experiment


Mamón also known as Guinep. Inside the skin is sweet and tangy. Crack the green skin of the Mamón with your teeth. Suck the orange part which is the meat of the fruit and you spit out the white/grey seed.

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heirloom tomatoes

Photographer Emily Blincoe (see previously) has created a wonderful photo series of colorful tomatoes, flowers, leaves, and other natural and edible object

Zoetzak (Annona squamosa), Suikerappel, Kaneelappel of Schubappel from Suriname

MANILA: Sugar-apple - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Atis Fruit tastes like banana strawberry papaya (or bubblegum)

Avocado is een heerlijke en voedzame fruitsoort die je gezondheid ten goede komt. De avocadopit, die meestal weggegooid wordt, kan ook opgegeten worden. Meer nog, deze bevat meer geneeskundige eigenschappen dan de vrucht zelf. De pit wordt ook gebruikt om huidproblemen en spier- of gewrichtspijn lokaal te behandelen.

Avocados are great natural source of fibre and folate. They are packed full of natural vitamin c to burnish and hydrate your skin. They are also an aphrodisiac.