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"I believe i can fly. I believe i can touch the sky! Even though im just a stingray, i can still fly awayy" composed by mee:)

♻ Caption: A leaping manta ray (Manta birostris) seems to fly above the Gulf of California off the coast of Mexico. Mantas, easily recognizable by their pectoral

baby stingray! I'm in love

I know it's weird, but I have always wanted a baby bat ray for a pet.

Black Diamond Leopoldi fresh water stingrays - my, my gorgeous!

If you're a saltwater aquarist, you may have never heard of black diamond stingrays, an eye-catching variety of the Leopoldi stingray, Potamotrygon leopold

Bullseye Stingray

Bullseye round stingray swimming over seabed - View amazing Bullseye round stingray photos - Urobatis concentricus - on Arkive