Emil Nolde (German-Danish, 1867 - 1956) Spring in Autumn, 1940 Oil on canvas, 57 x 70.5 cm

amare-habeo: “ Emil Nolde (German-Danish, 1867 - Spring in Autumn, 1940 Oil on canvas, 57 x cm ”

Emile Nolde (German~Danish 1867~1956) | He was one of the first Expressionists, a member of Die Brücke.

Emil Nolde: Master of Color Emil Nolde was one of the great German Expressionists… one of the most fluid and free-form in composition… and quite possibly the best colorist of them all. He is also an.

Tränende Herzen und Tulpen | Emil Nolde, 1867 - 1956 | German Painter & Printmaker | Expressionist

bofransson: “ Dicentra Flowers and Tulips (also known as Tränende Herzen und Tulpen) Emil Nolde - circa ”

Emil Nolde

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Emil Nolde - In the Dressing Room :: Emil Nolde :: Allpaintings Art .

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