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I saw your smile start to crack

Il mistero dei sogni

Il mistero dei sogni

"Your hands are so dainty...I am afraid to touch them should they break."

The idea of how barren women can conceive if God opens their womb upon their request/asking extends the concept of how we're partners with God in creation as we give birth to life.

untrustyou:  Grey Wolves (2009)Malena Mazza

by Malena Mazza

Michael Philip Manheim - Reach (From Dancing Hands Series)

Michael Philip Manheim - Reach (From Dancing Hands Series) This is a beautiful shot. In my opinion the dancing hands symbolize humanity and the need of one another.

Collin McAdoo. The faithful. Invece di questo mettere le mani a mo di marionetta

the faithful - by Collin McAdoo

Grégoire Alexandre is a French photographer, famous for his surrealist works.

Simple idea with a great visual impact. 'Grégoire Alexandre is a French photographer, famous for his surrealist works.



GayOsiris' Haus-O-Ass

Hand in The Rain, Detail of Auguste Rodin's "Burghers of Calais" / Photographer Peter Russell


Black and white feathers. Gorgeous photo by Kerry Pitt-Hart

Black and White My favorite photo

This picture is symbolic of Hamlet's relationship with his father's ghost. The hand reaching out for the ghostly hand represents how Hamlet reached out to his father for the truth and guidance about how to seek revenge.

zen and the art of darkness

Artistic Nude, Beauty and Fashion Photography by Michael Zelbel

28 rules for father to do with sons! I am going to show this to my future husband...

28 Rules for Fathers of Sons

rules for Fathers of Sons." My wonderful son has a wonderful father.

micah fidler |by Raul Romo

Beauty, Fashion and Styles - raulromo: Micah Fidler by Raul Romo


I love French accordion music! I was awesome at lessons unfortunately I wasn't the one taking themLOL

I'm Fabulous!!  (#fashionphotography #blackandwhitephotography #classicfashion)

Model posing in a fedora hat. Fashion Photography Fashion and editorial Hair and Makeup