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"I Wanna See Heaven" - The Katinas WORLD TV (Samoa) - YouTube

Samoa to lay to rest, our beloved sister Eua. When we were there, we recorded this video @ the historic Sion.

The Death of John The Baptist (Original) (Signed) art by Jack Hayes (note: one of only two birthday celebrations mentioned in all of the Bible in which observers were not worshippers of the true God, and someone was put to death. What does that tell us about how Jehovah feels about these celebrations?)

The Death of John The Baptist (Original) (Signed) art by Jack Hayes ~ Matthew

Bible Book Club: Genesis 29 & 30a - Jacob's family including Dinah his daughter

Bible Book Club: Genesis 29 & - Jacob's family including Dinah his daughter

"My Treasure Box" : GOSPELS HARMONY (7)

Day Journey with Jesus, Day Today's picture comes from the internet. John the Baptist is born:

"My Treasure Box" : GOSPELS HARMONY (26)

God called Moses, as He spoke to him from the burning bush, to free the Israelites from the bondage of Pharaoh in Egypt.

John the Baptist is happy, not jealous, to see Jesus’ disciples baptize many repentant Jews. What do these baptisms mean? Why does Herod put John in prison?

John the Baptist Decreases as Jesus Increases

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John the Baptist prepares the way for Jesus by preaching the gospel and baptizing many people. Jesus comes to John to be baptized and sets the example for all mankind.

Matthew 16:25

Family Home Evening Lessons Based on the Preach My Gospel Manual. Definitely can help me with preparing for mission and family home evening lessons :)