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Sleepbox Portable Hotel Rooms offer frequent flyers a "home away from home" between flights.

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Pod Space have designed a series of incrementally sized garden offices and studios including the Micro Pod, Micro Max Pod, Mini Pod, Glide Pod and the Eco Pod. That’s a lot of pods, with prices…

Sleepbox is a self-contained room that can be placed in almost any location.      Designed by Russian architecture firm Arch Group, each box is equipped with two beds, LED reading lamps, WiFi, electrical outlets, and plenty of storage space for your luggage.

Sleep box is a modular office pod and business travel bedroom. This sleep box is to be located anywhere people need a place to rest or relax such as airpor

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Wish they had these at some of our big airports in the USA! 'sleepbox' by arch group, moscow, russia