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Ive been and it is amazing! So beautiful Japan is such an amazing place to visit! Temple of the Golden Pavilion ( Kinkaku-ji Temple officially named Rokuon-ji Temple ), Kyoto, Japan 金閣寺 京都


Cherry colorful painted on bright blue background luxury Iro-daKake that Temari is embroidered adorned with even more gorgeous bride // dulu pengen banget nikah pake kimono, tapi gak mungkin juga😂

Myoshin-ji temple, Daishin-in, Kyoto, Japan 妙心寺 大心院. I would love to have a room in my home like this

Myoshin-ji temple, Daishin-in, Kyoto, Japan 妙心寺 大心院, look out to a courtyard with beautiful leaves.

Ночь в Японии

moody cinematic photos by masashi wakui explore tokyo's luminous landscape by night If you love photography we have a special collection just for photgraphy lovers and vloggers alike.

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Stunning pictures of Japan during the rainy season by Hidenobu Suzuki. Japanese photographer Hidenobu Suzuki created a series of pictures of Japan.

Umbrella Sky. Photo by Patricia Almeida

Creative Draping loves this: PORTUGAL great party/wedding/shower idea: hanging colorful umbrellas; photographed by Patrícia Almeida

Old Japanese farmhouse interior with wood stove to replace traditional sunken hearth (irori).

Traditional indoor fire pit known as an irori, which sometimes sits on a raised seating platform. From: Japan Country Living: Spirit, Tradition, Style


Tsumagojuku, Nagano, Japan 妻籠宿 長野 Running through the town at night, wearing kimono and geta after a little too much sake with Geisha.