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Yorkie Puppy Hairstyles

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Prettiest Yorkie and cutest clothes I have ever seen. Wonder what is her name.she looks female?

Cute yorkshire

This adorable yorkie look's like my baby Emmy. She loves our bed.

Yorkie puppy Looks EXACTLY like ari

Debating between a yorkie or another beagle as our next and final family member

This is the leg line I like for Ali's thin silky hair type. Same body cut with shave going up neck into shaved back of ears and shaved tiped points on top third of ears  with long ear hair lower 2 thirds starting on the side of them and around to the growth on the front. Then what face style do I blend that into? Front neck shaved to under chin? Not sure on face  long face? maybe?

Here are some images that you can get idea about Yorkie Hairstyles or Yorkie Haircuts. As a Toy dog miniature yorkshire terrier can dress up with beautiful