Zac. jensca84 my favorite men

Make one special photo charms for your pets, compatible with your Pandora bracelets. Zac Efron , a boy with brown hair and clear blue eyes , isn't he perfect ?

Blake steven

Blake steven

Brenton thwaites. AND HE'S AUSTRALIAN TOO :D

I really like Brenton thwaites for Jaron, and this face is kinda like N Are you serious? Face that Jaron makes so often

Cel mai frumos baiat

Baby blue steel: William Franklyn-Miller (above) has been famous online…


Sean O'Donnell - A extermely hot guy who .now I know plays soccer! I don't even know you but you just got ten times hotter!

I don't know who Sean O'Donnell is but hes hot

Sean O'Donnell is seriously like the hottest guy on the planet!

♛Hot Tumblr Guys♕

♛Hot Tumblr Guys♕

Say Hello to Instagram's Teenage Superstars | VICE United Kingdom

Say Hello to Instagram's Teenage Superstars

He finally agreed to this picture. Hes sweet, funny, handsome, and, well pretty much my everything.