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(gif set) 8x17 Goodbye Stranger ||| "I need you." [All of the feelings...]

I love the fact that Dean heard all the things Cas said to Naomi (or whatever her name is), I mean he had to hear it bc he did ask Cas;" Bc Cas said it out loud. That means Dean heard Cas say; "I won't hurt Dean"

There's Cas..AND then there's Castiel ~ Supernatural :D

This is me half the episode: "Cas, you are adorable and so sweet! I just love you, you angel! You are such a mentally deficient puppy!" The other half: "Castiel is a beast."<----- Cas is such a cutie pie ^^ but Castiel is the REAPER OF THE DAMN LORD

castiel im afraid i want to die - Google Search

Castiel, your mother joke, I guess it's funnier when your mother isn't dead, lol

I tried not to ship but this......makes it difficult not to.

I tried not to ship but this......makes it difficult not to.

Sass-tiel 3: Return of the Sass (Language Warning) by enginesummer on DeviantArt

Castiel finally has enough of this shit.It's nearing finals and I felt like doing something mean. I didn't think the language use was bad enough to put the mature filter on (if you watch SPN yo.

sass_tiel_2__warning__language__by_enginesummer-d6x16wz.jpg (856×9600)

Sass-tiel 2 (Warning: Language) by enginesummer on DeviantArt I feel like these are his true inner thoughts XD