Pablo Picasso - GRANDE TÊTE DE JACQUELINE AU CHAPEAU (B. 1077; BAER 1317; PP.); Creation Date: 1962; Medium: Linoleum cut printed in black and beige;...

Pablo Picasso, Grand Tête de Jacqueline au Chapeau, would be a perfect painting for the hallway!

Pablo Picasso - Head of a Woman / Head, 1946

picasso drawing of francoise gilot. Francoise Gilot wrote a book called Life with Picasso many years ago.

Pablo Picasso "Cheminée" 1906

Pablo Picasso, Fireplace, Collection of the St. From Skira Rizzolis' “Destroy the Picture: Painting the Void,


Pablo Picasso's controversial "Guernica" is a political statement. This paintings illustrates an immediate reaction to the Nazi's casual bombing during the Spanish Civil War. This painting is an antiwar symbol, and a reminder of the tragedies. Guernica i

woman in white - picasso 1923

Woman in White, 1923 Pablo Picasso (Spanish, Oil on canvas 39 x 31 in. x 80 cm) Rogers Fund, acquired from The Museum of Modern Art, Lillie P. Bliss Collection Picasso's Woman in White is a masterpiece of his N

Picasso guernica détail (3)

Picasso - Guernica

I saw this at MoMA in NYC. Large scale and very moving.and realized for the first time what a genius Picasso really was.

Pablo Picasso, Pot, Glass and Book, 1908.

December SPECIAL PLACES, "Several times I’ve been back to a place in southern France — an old farm-home .", (image: Pot, Wine Glass and Book", 1908 O/C by Pablo Picasso)